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Entertainment Diary Week Commencing Monday April 16th 2018

Due to the huge popularity & demand next weekend we have 3 Dueling Pianos performances over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. No cover for any of the shows and already we have a ton of reservations as people secure their dinner tables for this Vegas style show. Sunday is completely aimed at the family market and is excellent entertainment for everyone to enjoy and starts at 5pm. Friday and Saturday shows do have some adult entertainment and songs in them so please be aware!
Tuesday comedy host Johnny Herrera is in Vegas performing this week so Shamrock co-owner Paul will step up as host for the show. Be afraid…..be very afraid!
For all our karaoke lovers Thursday nights have become the talk of the Valley and if you need more time and practice then check out our Monday night show with Bill which has a great following too.

To make a reservation (no cover) please use the on-line reservation system on this website or call 951-696-5252. Happy Hour operates every day including weekend from 3-6pm with 20% off your full food and drink tab!

Monday – 8:30pm – 🎤 Karaoke Party Night hosted by Bill
Tuesday 8pm – 🤣 Comedy Competition – 10 comedians compete for the $100 Prize!
Tuesday 9:30pm – 🎧 80’s & 90’s Tunes hosted by Johnny Herrera
Wednesday 7:30pm – 🤑 Prize Trivia Night – General Knowledge (free entry)
Thursday 8:30pm – 🎤 Thirsty Thursday Karaoke hosted by Lillian
Friday 8pm – Live on Stage – 🎹 Dueling Pianos 🎹
Saturday 8pm – Live on Stage 🎹Dueling Pianos 🎹
Sunday 5pm – Live on Stage – 🎹 Dueling Pianos Family Show 🎹
Sunday 9pm – 🎮 Gaming Night (21+only)

If you would like to give any feedback, then please feel free to e mail me at paul@theshamrockirishpubandeatery.com

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